Awakening Sexual Transformation

I Dated Someone Like My Abusive Dad And It Taught Me How to Love Myself


  My heart is budding with gratitude for the large response my facebook posts have gotten lately. In the last year I’ve shared much less personal updates than I used to. So much has happened that every time I think to share, I am overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start. I think I […]

Q&A: Should I Let My 12 Year Old Watch Porn? Sex Positive Parenting

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Dear Julia, I have new questions about my 12 year old son and masturbation.  We’ve talked before about my desire to provide a masturbation positive, sex positive environment for him and my idea to provide him with useful masturbation tools like towels and lube.  Now I have some questions about porn. A couple months ago, […]

NEW VIDEO: Are Multiple Orgasms Better Than One? – How Some Men Lie When They Say They Are ...

Bulgarian Club Sign by Ornello_Pics on Flickr

It’s been fun making Facebook Livestreams.  Here’s another one!

NEW VIDEO: Braless For 9 Years?! Why I Ditched Bras For Good

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Why We Must Take No Sexist Shit

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I was perusing Facebook today commenting and liking, when out-of-the-blue this uber ‘spiritual’ guy made a very sexist comment to me. Now I suppose this should be of no surprise given this world is still super patriarchal, but I was shocked and appalled nonetheless.  It’s amazing how many people continue to maintain their gender privilege […]

Q&A – Even Saying the Word “Sex” Is Weird To Me

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Hi Julia I’ve considered getting coaching to help with desire troubles.  The issue is that I’m a private person and even saying the word “sex” is weird to me.  I’ve never really talked to anyone about it and don’t know how coaching would work for me, or be right for me, if I don’t feel […]

Why I Talk About Sex and How I Want to Change Your Life for the Better

To empower yourself in your body is to empower your life

  Four years ago I paid my spiritual teacher to help me heal my numb vagina… only to have him talk my ear off for two hours about how I would be a writer, speaker and workshop leader in the field of sexuality. At the end I told him all that sounded great, but where […]

When We Sit Naked Together, Healing Is Born

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  As I sat down to write about Bodysex last week, I noticed the last lily bud from centerpiece flowers beginning to open. I feel like that lily bud. Both attending and facilitating Bodysex has opened me so much and this workshop was no exception. It infused me with the strength to unfurl my wings […]

The Thing You’re Most Afraid To Say Will Set You Free


  The world is just waiting for the power in you to come out. Tonight I did a practice Bodysex round with my assistant, Vega DeLeon, and I was reminded of so many important truths. One was that in our attempts to grow or become ‘better’, we often want to gloss over or sugar coat […]

Listen To Your Body And Gain More Pleasure and Healing

And I said to my body

  What normally would have felt amazing, taking me deeper into sensation, kind of hurt this time. As he moved his fingers inside me, I felt a tension growing in my pelvis. Something was welling up inside. I started to wonder what, and then suddenly, found myself overwhelmed by it’s energy. “Stop… come ‘ere please” […]

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